Student athletes are generally required to have a Sports Physical to participate in any school sports.

There are two main aspects to the Sports Physical: The Medical History and then the actual Physical Exam. The goal of the Sports Physical is to ensure that the student is healthy prior to beginning participation in sports.

The medical history portion of the physical entails figuring out what sort of past medical history and family history the individual has. This part of the exam is includes a paper form, available prior to the exam so that you can do any needed research on family members. The medical history portion also asks questions such as if you have any particular allergies, or take any medications, or if you have any particular illnesses.

Next, is the physical examination, which is where a doctor will review data such as your height weight, vision, blood pressure and heart rate. Additionally, the physician will perform a physical exam. The physician will also discuss school, extracurricular activities and any potential habits relating to drug or alcohol abuse.

Ultimately, a sports physical is important in the process of identifying both one’s current health, as well as determining if there are any particular health problems that could cause issues playing a sport.  Based on the doctor’s findings, they may be able to make recommendations on how to enhance your overall health as well as any restrictions on your activity based on health. Steamboat Medical has a group of active doctors on board who understands physical fitness and sports very well. We are happy to provided sports physical and can often combine this with your well child/adolescent visit.