Steamboat Medical Group provides DOT exams.

Steamboat Medical Group has delivered lasting results and quality medical care for over 40 years to the Yampa Valley region. Our medical staff has consistently performed at a high level for years, all while providing the kind of personal service and care one would expect from our facilities. Steamboat Medical Group wants to help other businesses in the Yampa Valley provide that same level of employee service by helping with DOT and employment exams.

The services provided at Steamboat Medical Group help the businesses working with us ensure that their employees are a good fit for the job.

DOT exams are required for anyone operating a large motor vehicle on the job. Steamboat Medical provides this service to employers to ensure that the employees hired will be able to perform the necessary task in a safe manner while operating a motor vehicle. A physical exam as well a series of DOT specific questions and tests are conducted as outlined by Federal regulations. These tests and questions must be met to the satisfaction of our licensed physicians and the Federal requirements in order for the potential employee to pass.

Employee exams vary from one employer to another and are specific to each business as requested by the employers. In addition to physical exams employers may require other tests and Steamboat Medical provides the services requested by each employer.

No matter the employee and/or DOT exam, Steamboat Medical group performs consistent testing that provides the employer with accurate results for potential employees.